Wander project the other folder, Greenwood Indiana…


We had a ball pit for the boys in their room when they were really little. What that ultimately meant was we had balls all over the floor, most days. They would as they got older get into the ball pit and throw them at each other. There were more balls out of the pit than there were in the pit, ever. We moved back to Indiana in the fall of 1999. End of October to be exact. The moving trucks came to Cincinnati Ohio and whisked us away from what had been our home for 9 years. It was a tough decision to move back to Indiana, but with me traveling and Barb managing twins, the easiest path for us was to move back nearer to family. It was the best decision to be made. We weighed it for a long time, considered it, and ultimately we made the right decision. It is most important to take care of the majority whenever you can. So we did. It may have caused problems for people but like I said it was the right decision. The ball pit on the other hand, was not the right decision. That was one we regretted the first time we cleaned their room with them. Barb always had a rule put one toy away before you get out the other. In the case of the ball pit we should have put it away before we unpacked it.


This is our house in Eagle Trace taken from down by the pond. This is before we added a pool to the back yard and sculptured the back yard a bit. Over the years we added quite a bit to the house. To the right in this picture is a tree line. On the other side of that tree line was a railroad track. It was a track that led to the IPL plant on the south side of Indianapolis (Indianapolis Power and Light). Trains would rumble by in the mid-morning and late afternoon time periods full of coal. When he was really little Nick hated loud noises. I suspect they hurt his ears. He has very sensitive ears. He would scream and slam his hands over his ears. Or when the pool was finished the next year, he would go underwater until the train passed. He is ok with trains now that he is older, but still not a huge fan of loud noises. This picture comes from the infamous other folder. I am finding all sorts of misfiled and miss-placed pictures in that folder. I suspect, looking at the pictures in the folder I couldn’t put them into other folders because they were done by camera rather than by event. I switched to folders based on time and event in roughly 2001.


This image of the backyard again in Greenwood. I took this picture many times over the 12 years we lived in the hosue. Honestly I think this may be one of the few pictures taken without the pool. This one of the yard, pond and across the pond the other houses in the distance. The pond was never frozen long enough that we felt safe walking on the Ice. Not that we would have, the pond was full of decaying organic life. IE it was kind of not nice smelling. Still, looking out calmly over water always makes me feel better about what is going on around me. We moved to Greenwood a few months before the boys turned 2. We left Greenwood just a few months before the boys turned 13. They, as well as Jakki, grew up in this house. We added the pool so they would have a place to play. We added an invisible fence so the dogs could be outside when they wanted to be. Gwen actually walked through the invisible fence a couple of times. Then she stopped. We settled into our Greenwood home fairly quickly. Later Barb would go back to school at IUPUI (Indiana University, Purdue University of Indianapolis) to get her Masters. But that was not for a few years yet.


Family Historian

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