Wander project other folder, Cincinnati and twins…


Still wandering the other folder. There are a few picture disks (I had Barb add on the picture disk option when she had pictures developed) that are in the other folder. This one, March 1999. The boys were going to party like it was 1999. This their first birthday. That first year with twins was the hardest. I adore both of them, they are wonderful men, but that first year was pretty light on sleep. There are many memories of that last couple of years in Cincinnati. Jakki and I went to the Children’s Museum (Barb was on bed rest) a couple of times to get Jakki out of the house. The summer before they had finished the Northern Kentucky aquarium so that was fun. We had the boat and wandered the Ohio. The boys arrived early in 1998. That changed a lot of things, but it freed us from the bed rest rule. I think that (bed rest) was the hardest for Barb. She is a very active person. She would rather be moving, than stuck in bed all the time.


Due to early criminal activity the boys were often imprisoned. Mostly so Barb could take a shower when I was away from home. It never failed that once the first twin was awake, the second was sure to follow. They were mutual assured alarm clocks rather than boys. We moved right after the boys were born (we actually moved right after Jakki was born as well. I wonder if we are crazy). Where we moved ourselves (Barb holding Jakki and some friends and I moving our stuff)when Jakki was little, we hired a moving company to move from our hosue on Shafer, to our new house in the new sub-division Willow Cove. I am not sure why, after moving with a baby the first time, we moved a second time. Other than our house on Shaffer was not big enough for the number of children we had in the house. Four kids, two kid rooms was not ideal at that time. We moved to the hosue in WillowCove that was roughly twice the size of our first house. Plus it was new. The really funny thing is we only lived in Willow Cover for one year. We decided that summer that being so far away from the rest of the family was hard on Barb because she didn’t have as much support in Cincinnati as she would back in Indiana.


Here they are on the driveway poised for mischief.  It seems funny, to look at the boys then and now. Now, the two of them fill two sections of our couch. They argue over who was there first. They argue over who got to have their feet up, and who didn’t. They argue over who is supposed to clean up various things. Be it a mess they made, or a mess they were supposed to clean up. Funny how the reality of twins evolves over time. Back then they were in it to win it, together. Now they are in it, to avoid work. (that last line is a joke). Overall watching them change has been interesting. Sometimes they want the exact same things. Some times they are so unique it is hilarious. So buying the same things doesn’t work. You end up starting over with the gift process. The other funny thing I realized this morning, Jakki and her brothers were all three born in the City limits of the City of Cincinnati. Barb and Becca were both born in Bloomington. I guess we should have given all three of them names that started with C, so they fit with the city of their birth. Jakki goes by Chuck so she has adapted. We just have to change the boys names to Charles and Chaz!


Family Historian

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