Wander project gearing up to rock climb in Greenwood…


An activity all three kids love for some reason is rock climbing. These images from 3004 so somewhere near Greenwood Indiana. We have been rock climbing in a number of places. The kids really loved the Rock walls at Galleon’s sporting goods, that later was consumed by Dick’s. Dick’s still had climbing walls for a long time. Now they no longer have them (insurance).

The kids continued their love of Rock Climbing in Maryland. Personally, I am not a fan of intentionally putting myself in a place where looking down is nearly a requirement. I like looking down and seeing water below. The kids on the other hand love it. This is the bean, Jakki, with her harness on nearly ready to attack the wall. Of the three she is probably the most experienced climber. She is actually quite good at climbing. Nick and Luke started later but they are also very good.

I am by no means good, able or willing to climb up a rock wall.


Ready to go now. Harness on, ready to attach to the rope. It is really fun to watch the 3 of them attack a rock wall. I think, I attacked water that when I was little. I remember grabbing a fishing pole and heading down to the minute we got to my grandparents house. Oh, there was the stop and argue with my sister over who got the cowboy hat and who got the captains hat. For someone reason both my sister and I loved the captains hat. So it was a scalable when we first got there to get the captains hat first. Mom arbitrated our dispute by making us take turns with the captains hat (the horror). So we worked out whoever got it first got it for that trip. There are pictures of one of us looking forlorn (wearing the cowboy hat) and the other beaming (wearing the captains hat). But we didn’t take turns unless we fought about it. Then mom made us take turns. Can you imagine a parent actually making their children share? The unmitigated gall. Parents who make their children share with each other have many other nasty habits. Like making children eat their vegetables at dinner and the clean plate club even if what they were serving was gross.


Climbing away. It is something I doubt I will ever understand.

Funny how the things you grow up doing are not the things your kids end up doing. My father was outdoors in a rural part of Wisconsin. My mother grew up (they moved to Wisconsin when she was young) on a Lake. I grew up in a small Indiana town, and was outside all the time as a child. My kids grew up in an age where you didn’t let kids run around the neighborhood as freely as in years past. They also grew up with a pool in their yard so they didn’t venture far afield. Funny how that works out. The difference being now, if you ask where your kids are, parents have to know at all times. When I was a kid, we were out and about and none of our parents knew exactly where we were. Times have changed. Not enough however, that I would ever consider rock climbing an interesting hobby. It is like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, not something I would ever do.


Non-Rock Climber!

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