Wander project–the amusement park of Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin!

The Hades Roller Coaster Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. Luke was dying to ride this wooden roller coaster. We ended up spending a day there during our visit (we also playedP7090029

Putt-Putt which is more my speed). Hades has a plunge down into a tunnel from the top of the hill and you spend a short time underground (hence I suspect the name). The difference between a metal and a wooden coaster is simply the amount of side to side shaking you, as the rider, suffer through. Hades shook badly and I could feel my back coming unglued. It didn’t but it sure wasn’t comfortable. I probably shouldn’t have ridden the coaster three more times, but we did that as well. The amusement park that is in the Dells is a combination of traditional rides and water park. They have one of those giant wave pools and three different go-kart racing tracks. They also have an indoor water exploration area, which is a series of pools and places for kids to climb, swim and have fun. I got to take a lot of pictures in the park and had a nice time relaxing while the kids did all the things they wanted to do. Although, Nick did beg for me to come race him in the go-karts.


Lots of fun rides and things to do. So Luke, Nick and I got into the go-karts and raced. The race track was pretty long and you got to go for three full laps which was amazing. It was about a 15 minute race. I was ahead for the first lap. Then in the middle of the second lap Nick passed me and shook his little fist at me as he went by. It was on! I almost caught him twice on the larger downhill runs. I also nearly caught him on the curves (he tended to slow down). We (me chasing Nick) ended up passing everyone in the first group of cars as well as everyone in the group of cars we were in. The first group was released about 1 minute ahead of the second one. We passed 8 of the 10 cars in the first group and were well ahead of everyone in the second group. I never did catch Nick. To be honest looking back now, I wish I had. He has been a little snotty about the race ever since. Occasionally when we would play video games later and he was destroying me, he would stop and shake his little fist at me as he killed me in Halo for the 10,000 time. If I had caught him that day there would be no continued fist shaking.


There we are near the river. The purpose of the trip was a family reunion for the Johnston side of the family. That would be my mother and my Uncle Keith who is my mother’s brother. Also my cousins Brad and Laura, my sisters Lynne and Barb and my father. All crammed into that picture there on the left. Also my nieces and nephew. If you wanted to get someone’s attention the easiest name to use would have been Barb or Barbara. There were two Barbara’s in attendance. My Aunt Barbara and my sister Barb. (The 3rd family Barb was home studying, my wife Barb, who was working on her Masters Degree at that time and couldn’t make the trip). Family is important! That is why I share these various wander blogs. This one wandering the place my father grew up in. My dad was born in Wisconsin Dells and lived in the Dells until he went to college and then went into the US Army. Dad was a cook in the US Army during the Korean War, He never left the US, serving his enlistment in Kansas. If I remember correctly my parents had met before Dad went into the army but I may have remember that wrong. Anyway when dad got back from the Army he and mom started dating formally. Dad was going to a regional campus of the University of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Whitewater). I remember going to the Dells when I was little, but it is so different now than it was then.


Family Historian

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