Wander project Christmas 2013


I got an email asking why I hadn’t mentioned or shared pictures in the wander project of Christmas 2012. Well that is a sad story. First off we were well established in Maryland. In fact in June 2012 the young man there on the left, The mighty D, or Dylan came to live with us. He joined us as my walking partner and other than two weeks (when the vet said he couldn’t walk) and two weeks we are going to talk about we have walked every day since June 4, 2012. As we prepared for a journey back to Indiana in December 2012 I got sick. First off, what happened next was the most unpleasant week of my life. I got an inner ear infection. I couldn’t stand up, move or be in a moving car starting on December 22, and I was finally able to move around a little the day after Christmas. 4 days of pure agony and not moving. Because with an inner ear infection if you move, everything comes out of your stomach. Rapidly. So we ended up not going to see family at Christmas, and frankly the only thing I saw was the ceiling of our bedroom.


In 2013 Dylan joined us as we journeyed to Indiana for Christmas. His favorite part of Indiana was going on walks. Oh yeah and car-car rides. Dylan is a lab rescue (love Lab Rescue of Maryland-Virginia). He is also the only dog living with us that got to meet my dad. Fran was the other dog who got to meet my dad. Dylan is the last one. This is his shouldn’t we be going on a walk now, face. So we did go on a walk. Dylan love the natural yard my father had created in the back of the house on Kinser. There was wildlife, things to explore and of course Dylan’s buddy Nelson. They got along from the first minute they met each other. They both liked to be outdoors and seeing the world. Dylan and I went on wonderful walks with my sister and the rest of the dogs to the high school (Bloomington North) and back along Kinser pike. Bloomington itself, proper, is very bike and walker/runner friendly. The areas outside of the city are not as much.


Lot’s of waiting for humans. Well in particular trying to convince them that it is time for the walk, time to feed Dylan or just time to pet Dylan. We got to hang out with family and go in the car-car for a week so Dylan was happy. It is funny how little dogs really need from humans. Considering how much they give in return for that little bit. I did get to show Dylan the town where I grew up. I am not sure he cared about what was, but he certainly enjoyed walking around the town that was. Dylan is a big walker. He is also someone that checks things out. When we got Dylan we had Fran who was an older Lab. She, having been raised by Gwen was not friendly. Dylan’s perspective is be friendly. When Raven joined us Dylan greet her with open arms and his open heart. Fran didn’t greet Dylan with an open heart. But we would learn later that she was in a lot of pain. Funny how pain not only shapes and changes but drives how you act. I spent Christmas of 2012 barely able to move of the bed, to even sit up. Lying in bed not able to move even left or right. Needless to say my poor family didn’t get to go anywhere in 2012.


Family Historian

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