Wander project Christmas 2014, not a great year in fact the worst I have lived through…


Wander project 2014. It was the toughest year I have ever been through as a human being. Christmas was more somber than in years past, quieter and more reflective. 2014 began its downward spiral in January. My entire team was notified that we were being re-evaluated and put into a new hierarchy. A co-worker and I were asked to design that new overall hierarchy. Then we interviewed for our jobs. For the second time in my career I was asked to interview for a job, on a team I designed, figured out and then was told you aren’t what we were looking for. All of us were laid off. Everyone that worked for the CTO of the company was laid off or moved to a job outside of the corporate structure. That layoff notice happened in February. It is the first and only time in my entire career that I was on the off side of a layoff. My last day was to be March 30th. Before that could sink in Fran died. She literally came upstairs with Jakki one morning, laid down by the kitchen and wouldn’t move. Jakki took her to the vet and they said there was nothing that could be done. She had cancer throughout her body. We made the hard choice to end her suffering. That brought the first 1/4 of the year to a crashing and horrifying halt.


2014 started looking up in April. We ended up adopting a new dog, I started a new job with a new company and the world seemed to be returning to its normal orbit. We began planning our summer vacation (North Carolina) and things began to hum along. The last twist in 2014 was yet to come. As a former resident of Bloomington, and a graduate of Indiana university one of my personal favorite things to do is to wander the city. In fact I love to wander campus. We’ve (Barb, the kids and I) have taken that wander many times. The campus of Indiana University is beautiful. There are so many things to see, places to wander that it is beyond amazing. The most important thing, though about that campus for me is who first showed me all the places. Every place on the campus of Indiana University was shown to me by a professor. Well just one professor. Dr.Hans O Anderse my father, professor and the man who showed me the campus of Indiana University as a child.

Hans Andersen Legacy 9

Just as 2014 as a year had turned the corner, in June my father died. I will never forget the year. What it took from me, what it took from my family cannot be replaced. There is no reboot. There is no updated software that can make that year better. Christmas 2014 was somber and quiet. It was held in a new place, mom moved out of Kinser Pike that fall into a new house. The old house was sold. My sister planted apple trees in the backyard of mom’s new house as a memory.

I won’t be maudlin and in remembering the smile and the bad sense of humor drift off into melancholy. I miss dad from time to time. He was a grand man. He had flaws as all of us do. 2014 was a tough Christmas.  We made it through that time and out the other side. Life throws you curve balls from time to time. It is hard to hit the curve. It is hard to be able to move on. But we do. It was in July of 2014 that we realized just how many pictures my father had taken over the years (more than 38,000) in was in August that we started scanning them. Jakki, the boys and I. We started scanning box after box of slides. I started blogging the Family History project shortly after that and the Wander project as well. Where in the world have we been. What sights have we seen. I am my father’s son.


Family Historian

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