Wander project Christmas 2015 (and wandering the campus of IU)


As we wander to Christmas 2015 we see Raven clearly in charge of the driving process. She joined our family after the passing of Fran. In many ways Raven is a game changer. A force of nature, rather than a Labrador. She found a way to be pals with everyone in the house. She is a great car rider, a great walker and great boater. She is also a huge goofball. This taken in the van on the way to Grandma’s house. It is funny how dogs transform traveling. First off you have to be careful where you stop. But you also stop more because you are worried that they might have to go. We tend to stop less now that the kids are older. But more with dogs than we did before if that makes sense. The trip to Indiana from Maryland takes us through Pennsylvania. If we want to take the turnpike it saves about an hour and costs 16 bucks. If we take the on-toll road way then we lose an hour or so but it cost s16 bucks plus the extra cost of an hour of car gas.


Dad taught at Indiana University, Barb and I both graduated from IU. This is the new media school that IU has added. It is in the old campus actually one building away from the old quadrangle and the Sample Gates. The Sample Gates are the most photographed entrance to Indiana University. They were added after we moved out of Bloomington. I think that Sample Gates is an odd name. I suspect someone named Sample donated the money to build the gates, but still there has to be a better name. Across the street from the Sample gates is Bloomington’s downtown. Right across from the actual Sample Gates (the end of Kirkwood Avenue) is the building that used to hosue the Gables. The Gables are famous as it used to be a lounge years ago. There was a piano and legend has it that Hoagie Carmichael actually wrote the song Stardust in the Gables. I love the song. The link takes you to a YouTube music of the song!


There is my crew hanging out with Herman B. Wells. When I went to IU Wells was still alive and still active on campus. He was the chancellor at the time I was a student. He was famous for walking campus and talking to people. This picture was taken in the old quadrangle of Indiana University. All the buildings are more than 100 years old. It is also the home of the wooded area in the center of campus and the campus telescope. I got my first glimpse of the universe from that Telescope. We wandered the campus of Indiana University, it was empty because they students had all gone home for the holidays. Well there were a few non-local students still wandering campus but for the most part we got to wander on our own. 2015 was the second straight Christmas trip Jakki couldn’t make, she had to work around the holiday’s. So we were one person short on the trip. As your children get older the moments you get to spend with them become more precious, because eventually they begin to become less and less.


Family Historian

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