Wander project Bergen Norway…


First part of this is me. I love taking pictures of people taking pictures. It doesn’t even have to be people I know. I see someone stopping, pausing and pulling out there camera, cellphone and I am taking their picture. I refuse however, to take pictures of people walking around with an iPad as their camera or a larger tablet. That is beyond something even I find funny.

The second part is the streets of Bergen, near the fish market. You can see the mooring tire there on the left side of the pier embankment. I love the red brick. Directly behind where this picture is, stands the fish market. That was an amazing experience, to wander through and see all the sea food available. Also the boats, I really enjoyed seeing the pleasure craft that were ready for their summer adventures. Just to the stage right of this picture is the street we walked down the last part of the mountain on. It led from the vertical train station past the bakery and with only a light change, ended up at the fish market (we had to change sides of the street).


So this image taken on the other side of the fish market. We wandered through the entire market asking if they were the shop with the free sandwiches. The coupons literally had a logo but no words, so we had to search for a logo, which wasn’t actually something most of the places displayed unless you asked. It didn’t matter though we had a blast. In the right corner of the image is the smoke stack of our ship (the big c of Costa clearly visible). The inner harbor was devoted to pleasure craft and the fish market. Again, a really cool experience.


This last picture is down the other side of the commercial harbor a little further. At the end of the picture (the red tents) is the fish market. We were near the restaurant where we got our sandwiches (the quest was done) and almost to the pleasure craft harbor. There were a few moored along the quay but most of them were a bit further down the way. At the back end of the picture is the red tents of the fish market. What a wonderful day spent wandering Bergen Norway. I found the country to be amazing. The people friendly and the smoked salmon beyond words.


Family Historian

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