wander project Kristensand Norway


We left Bergen and headed to Kristensand Norway. The best part about this trip was watching the cruise liner come into the harbor. Starting when I got up which was around 5 am we passed the edges of humanity and human buildings. There are lots of little islands and interesting places to see on the way. We passed several small islands. We passed a whole lot of cool houses. The weather was overcast and gloomy as here in the picture but I had a blast watching the world go by. There was, the closer we got to Kristensand, more and more small craft. There was lots to see. So, I blogged and watched the world go by, which is not often how I get to blog. Normally I am down in my office listening to music while blogging.


In Geringer we had the trolls. In Kristensand a moose greeted us as we disembarked. This was our last day of an organized walking tour, but we were on our own so we could take our time disembarking. The two days that followed this were focused on expeditions. The only two expeditions the kids had to go on. Anyway we got off and rode a trolley into the heart of Kristensand. We didn’t really have a plan just wanted to see the city a little. The trolley took us to the heart of the city. It isn’t a huge city like Oslo but it is still pretty good sized. We went to the central shopping district of the city once we got off the trolley. But the trolley ride was a trip onto itself.





The first image was interjected in as many pictures as he could so I took one of just him. Luke loves to Photobomb pictures so I let him. The next three are the doors of Norway series for my mother. She knows why! I did really enjoy riding the trolley. It is not something I often do so it was fun from the new experience. It was also fun from the sheer joy of being somewhere else!


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