Wander project Kristensand, museums and ICE CREAM!!!


Heading toward the trolley on the dock. The dock was fairly new and built for the cruise ships. There was also an amazing Ice Cream shop but that was at the end of the day, not in the morning. As we wandered the streets of Kristensand, taking pictures of doors and enjoying the view we really had no plans. We wandered the shopping district. We went into quite a few stores. The first one was a GameStop. The kids wanted to see all their games in another country. They also wanted to see what a Game store looked like in Norway. Our second stop was  a pet store. We were going to buy something for the dogs, but…


Truly nothing our dogs would have liked. We ended up finding something else for them later. But if they read this and I am pretty sure Raven reads my blog, we did try. Here we are checking out the map. Well Jakki was leading us and Barb was trying to help her. We ended up walking around the business district, which wasn’t very large. We wandered past several interesting stores, and every once in awhile Barb would pop into one to wander around. Normally in those cases the boys and I waited outside. A few times the boys, Jakki and I waited outside. Sometimes Jakki would join Barb in the store. They were mostly clothing stores.


As we were wandering we found the most amazing art museum/gallery for local artists. Local to Kristensand in fact. The museum had modern, traditional and new media art including video’s and other interesting media. We wandered the museum for more than 2 hours which chewed up most of our time so we needed to head back to the boat. We wandered by the pleasure craft harbor as we were heading back from the museum to the ship. We ended up seeing more hard top pleasure craft which was fun. On the way we wandered through a little shopping area. We found a meat store that had Whale, Reindeer and one other type of meat in a sealed container. We took some home for the dogs! (they loved eating Whale). Finally we hit the most amazing ice cream store. And enjoyed our ice cream the last 1/2 mile back to the boat. What an amazing city.


Family Histoirant

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