Wander project Christmas 2016 and Bloomington Indiana


My rule about being away from home is that I never write about being away from home while I am away from home. I bend that rule a little so for the past few days I talked about our trip away from home to Europe while I was away from home. We started out the day before Christmas Eve hoping in the car early and preparing to cross the country. Well preparing to cross what was the country back in 1806 or so. Maryland to Indiana and in particular to Bloomington is about an 11 hour journey. It is one we have made a few times now. We try to get on the road by 7 am that way we are rolling along before DC traffic, and wander through the larger cities other than Indianapolis at times that are not rush hours. That is the DC driver in both of us now. We try to avoid rush hour. Even though rush hour in Indianapolis is well, about 1/20th of what we deal with daily. But you can take the person out of DC, but once in DC for a time you can’t remove their fear of traffic.


The route takes you through Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio before reaching Indiana. To get via car from where we are to Bloomington Indiana the fastest route is the route that uses I-70 the whole way. We saw a lot of amazing holiday light displays. This is one from Bloomington Indiana. Both Barb and I grew up in Bloomington. I moved there (against my will I might add) when I was six. Barb was born in Bloomington Hospital. Its funny because over our years growing up we ran into each other many times, but it wasn’t until the last time that we started dating and got married very quickly. Funny how fate intervenes. We grew up in different parts of the town. I lived on campus the first couple of years we lived in Bloomington. Then I lived on the South side of town. Barb lived in the middle-South part of Bloomington growing up. She actually lived really near the coolest part in the city, Bryan park. I used to go to Bryan park in the summer and winter as part of swim team.


The courthouse of Monroe County Indiana. This is the square of Bloomington Indiana. Our all time favorite restaurant is on the square (Trojan Horse). Barb worked at the Trojan horse during her college years. We actually were introduced by a metal friend once at the horse but never really did anything other than say hi. This picture is taken from the front of the Horse to the courthouse square. On the very top of the courthouse is a copper fish. It was once famously blown off the top of the courthouse in a wind storm. Then placed back on to the top. I guess they added some structural support so the fish would take a nose dive again! The square downtown is actually for the most part the same buildings, well the same fronts of buildings from when I was a child. Very few of the companies now having stores on the square were there when I was little. My favorite store was Howards Bookstore (now long gone) and the Book Nook. The book nook is still there all these years later which is kind of cool. Once upon a time there was a Wick’s and a JC Penney store on the square. They were the best stores to wander in because they had multiple floors!


Family Historian

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