WaNdEr Project Dogs on the way, there and back again Bloomington Indiana…


When you have dogs, and they come with you on trips they have to travel well. One of the many things our dogs do to fit in is travel extremely well. They are amazing in the car. This is Dylan when he got home from the trip. He hopped onto his settee and napped. We’ve owned labs now for more than 16 years and the guarantee is they are great in the car. Well our three over the years have been great. We do make an effort to stop every 3 hours though they have a chance to relax and stretch for a bit. The trip home due to presents, was a bit cramped. So the dogs were more pressed for space then they are used to. No complaining by them, they just moved around until they found a place to relax. They also hung out in Bloomington with my mother’s dog’s. She has three poodles (full size) and a poodle. Well in fairness she has two full sized standard poodles and a small Scotty. Her third standard poodle is not standard, he is huge.


The flipped ear is a Dylan specialty. When we picked him up in Richmond Virginia 4.5 years ago his ear was flipped. Here he is wondering what the humans are doing. He did enjoy opening his stocking. His favorite part of Christmas is staying in the hotel. He loves a piece of bacon in the morning to start his day. We ended up staying in the Springhill Suites by Marriott on the South West side of Bloomington Indiana. It is a very clean, easy to access hotel and I would give it as many stars as you can for a hotel. They serve hot breakfast and the team working there was fast and efficient. They left a wonderful not in our room letting us know that there would be not service on Christmas day, but the front desk was open so we could get things if there was anything we needed. We weren’t in the hotel room much so it didn’t matter. But Dylan loves hotel stays. His first hotel stay with us was more than 4 years ago in Virginia Beach Virginia. They also had bacon for breakfast. Plus in Virginia Beach Virginia the humans are more evolved. On the beach side of the city they allow dogs to wander in and out of all the stores. Dylan felt that was important to the evolution of humans who struggle to be as smart as Labradors are.


This was Raven’s first stay in a hotel. We have taken her on vacation before, just stayed at my mother’s last year and in an apartment when we took her to Oak Island North Carolina. So she was experiencing the joy of hotels for the first item. She quickly embraced Dylan’s get me bacon in the morning rule, and found the floor to be quite nice for stretching. Both Dylan and Raven pronounced the bed comfortable, but wished the humans would not have been on the bed or that the bed was bigger, Only having 68% of the bed available for stretching out cramped their styles. The bacon made up for the too small bed, somewhat, but not completely. When did the dogs seize control? Our lesson learned from last year was not to force the dogs to be together for the day and night. That caused more tension. By us taking the dogs to the hotel they had a chance to get away from their cousins and chill a little. There was an abrupt transition in the morning. but mom and my sister usually take the poodles and scotty for an early am walk. Raven and Dylan are huge fans of the walk process and early morning walks are even better!


Family Historian

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