Wander project Hawaii, on the cruise!

P8060127Barb in our cabin on the family Hawaiian cruise we took in 2015. Hard to image that 2016 in June was our 25th year of being married.It is funny how a person goes from someone that people say you should meet this person you would like them. That happened for Barb and I three times.  There was also the moment where Barb was wearing a white rabbits suit at our high school, as a freshman I walked over and asked her if she had the time. The response was a senior in a bunny suit walking away. Anyway the trip to Hawaii was an entire clan event (Misner’s, Ooley’s, Giordano and Andersen’s) spending time together in paradise. We had a cruise around the islands for the first part of the adventure. We visited the major islands of the Hawaii chain. They actually reversed there normal cruise order to avoid the Hurricane that was threatening to hit the Island chain. We would that way miss the rough waters of the Hurricane while enjoying our cruise. The best part for me was the fresh pineapple every morning for breakfast. We went to the islands in August, so we really weren’t saving on any less heat or gaining warm days in the cold of eastern shore winters…


Sometimes when you are a large party all together you wait. So there are times on the ship wandering around Hawaii when we waited. Here is an example of Luke Matt and a couple of other family members waiting for a restaurant or to get off the boat for a day trip. I think this is waiting for a restaurant by the location (mid-ship). We filled two tables side by side in the restaurant. The food on the cruise was average. Overall it was the fresh pineapple and melon that made me happy, the rest of the food was average. Which made it a lot easier for me to walk off the cruise ship 5 pounds lighter and come home from Hawaii, 8 pounds lighter! I cannot say the same about the trip to Europe in 2016, for that one I ended up gaining 2 pounds over-all. I am going to chalk the European weight gain up to swelling in my hip and ribs! The scenery and the people taking care of our cabins were beyond first rate. They were always there with a smile, and they were always taking the extra care of us. It was only the food that wasn’t as good as we were hoping for. But when you are all together- food isn’t as critical.


Dinner conversation on the ship. I took a few dinner conversation pictures over the course of the cruise. There were a few meals where we went off as family groups. There were a few we ate all together as a family group so there was a good mix of experiences. One lunch we wandered off to a great little hole in the wall sushi place. Poor Becca struggled with the lack of Vegan options for food at the restaurants. She ended up having to import food onto the ship from the various shore stops. She was a trooper though and still smiled though the frustration! The rest of us, were not overwhelmed by the food options either. Some of the meals were good overall but not tremendous ever. Our cruise left Oahu, and wandered the islands for a week. It was really cool to see the big island (I hadn’t been there before). It was also cool to visit other islands in the chain as well. Barb and I,. many years before had spent a week on Lanai. So this was a chance for us to see the rest of the islands. Our flight in for our trip to Lanai back in the day, landed in Honolulu at night. we rode a prop plane to Lanai and then visited the back side of Oahu once on a dinner expedition. So we were getting to see more of the state!


family historian

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