Wander project Wisconsin Dells in time, and memory…

Castle Rock 1968

This picture was taken by my grandfather Henry Oliver Andersen in the 1960’s in Wisconsin Dells. This particular picture is one of a famous rock formation near the Wisconsin River called Castle rock. My father was born in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. He and my grandfather used to tramp around the fields and wonders of the Dells.  The wonder of the Dells is just what the river carved in rock. It takes millions of years for the formation to be created, floods and river water. Droughts and the passage of time are all needed for the creation of these beautiful rock formations. I remember as a child may being 5 or 6 and taking the Dells tours. The tours were basically boats that ran up and down the river. The Dells was a tourist destination, everyone wanted to come, visit. There was an amusement part at the Dells as well. The picture to the right was one of the original scans from even before the family history project started. The image is from the early 1960’s. It was scanned from a slide. It is as stated before of Castle Rock Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin.

Wisconsin River 1968 (2)

Here is the river, now in 1968. There are many more of my grandfather’s images. Grandpa took a lot of pictures of nature. He loved the Wisconsin River near the Dells. Recently we converted the last of the actual 16mm film that my other grandfather took. We now have everything converted in the family history project eject the old pictures of Cambridge. We have old video of Cambridge just not the pictures. This image was taken in the spring. The Dells, is a place of great physical beauty. The river presents many faces during its transition from each of the seasons. When I was little which would have been in the early 60’s the Dells was small. It had a boardwalk, the river tours and a small amusement park. We were there in 2011 and it is a much larger place now than it was when I first went, and when my father grew up there. That said, on the boardwalk there are souvenir shops. I remember going into one of them many years ago. The platform for the river boats is new. They rebuilt that a few years before 2011. But the shop was the same. I remember it.


This image from our 2011 trip to the Dells. This is part of the underwater/indoor/water park. There is an outdoor water part now at the Dells that has a huge wave pool (that is amazing). There are flume rides (where you with only you plunge down from a great height to the water below. Plus this wonderful indoor water park. We spent over an hour in the indoor water park. There are many pictures taken, including underwater and action pictures. The Olympus TG series rules when it comes to being flexible in various photography environments. They don’t care if you drop them. They don’t care if you get them wet. They are ready, able to willing. I had given the camera to my daughter who took all the indoor water pictures. I did not go into the water at the Dells. I was chicken I guess. I did enjoy hanging out with the kids all day though. It was exciting to see what they were interested in, what they wanted to do. I had the whole family (kids) that day. Really was the best day at an amusement park ever. Except for racing go-carts. That part was not as much fun for me. Nick passed me on the second lap of four, and shook his little fist at me as he passed. I couldn’t catch him. I still hear about losing that race.


Family Historian

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