Boating on Lake Lemon…


Out on the boat, Lake Lemon. Lake Lemon is a man made Army Corp of engineers built dam lake. We had our boat there for many years. The two images are of people relaxing in the back of the boat, and Luke driving/captaining the boat. Over the years were were at Lake Lemon we explored every inch of the lake. The big event each year was when we broke out the towable. A towable item is something you can pull behind the boat, and have someone ride it. The goal of that process was then to see if we could dump the person. Well not always, but when one of the boys was on it or Jakki, you bet. The goal was see how quickly they could end up in the Lake.





As we rode around the lake, we had time to relax and unwind. To get away from the run around world and instead putter. Cruise the lake and see what could be seen without having to be anywhere, at a specific time. It was the most relaxing time of the week for me. Sunday, right after the mornings activities we could head down to the lake and cruise. It reminded me of my summers on Lake Ripley, where once the stuff we had to do was done, we could be on the Lake.





We had a life jacket policy on the old boat (and on the new boat as well). I read recently while taking the Maryland Boater safety course, that the difference in more than half of the drownings while boating as the accessibility of a life jacket. If you had one on you were much less likely to drown post accident than if you had to scramble after an accident to get a life jacket on. So, we wear life jackets. Coast Guard Type II or Type III, in all cases designed to keep the head above water. If you have one on when bad things happen on the water, you don’t have to scramble and find one to put on. It just makes safety sense!


Boater, historian

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