Wander project Europe and Bangkok…



I am going to go back into the actual family history pictures. There are more than 54000 scanned images of which I have shared less than a 3,000. So for the next few days I am going back into the past. The first images are of a couple of things. My parents always had students and prospective students come to their house for meals. We did that when I was a young man, we did that when we were in Thailand and when we came back we were a part of Thailand going forward. There are so many people I remember, care for and still communicate with from the land of smiles. But gathered around Teh dinner, lunch or breakfast table at my parents house was always the best. Adjan, is a Thai honorific, it means honored professor, or honored teacher. My father was called that when we were in Thailand and the tradition continued for every Thai student that came to our house, his office or touched us in any way. Adjan Hans was something that made my dad very happy.




My parents loved to travel. Dad and I both over the years traveled for work. His work was for universities and for UNESCO, normally lasting a month or two at a time. Mine was normally two weeks, three weeks at the most over the course of a month. But travel we did. Dad went to countries that wanted to build and improve their educational systems. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea and of course several trips to Thailand. I tended to travel to traditional established companies, what I had developed was a process to help large companies move their assets to a new mode. Not that it was a competition. But that we both traveled. Dad had so many pictures that he never shared, he never felt they were good never good enough to show other people.




Mom and dad spent a lot of time in Europe and in Asia over the years. It is funny over the years how seldom our travels criss crossed. They did cross one year (2005) mom and dad were in Thailand (Bangkok) and I was in Malaysia. It just happened that the cheapest flight I could get stopped in Thailand and a three day layover cost the same as a 3 hour layover. So the three day option was the one I used. Mom actually picked me up at the airport and we got to hangout in Bangkok for a long weekend. It was an amazing weekend I have to say. We went to dinner, enjoyed hanging out!


Family Historian

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