Wander project Black Hill dog (and recreation area) Maryland



Near where we live in Maryland there are a number of dog parks. My personal favorite is north of us in Boyd’s Maryland. It is called the Black Hill recreation area and includes an incredibly nice dog park. The park is big enough that dogs and run around and the other owners are friendly and willing to grab their dogs should trouble start. That is the one thing that always makes me nervous about dog parks. They aren’t places to drop your dog off and relax. They are places where the dog relaxes and learns to socialize with other dogs. You, as the responsible human are responsible for the dog. If there are problems, you need to intercede. Let them work it out is fine, for short bursts. But if the issue continues you need to separate the dogs.





The pictures shared with this travel blog are from 2014. They are all taken at the Black Hill park. One of the other things that I know Dylan and Raven love about the Black hill park is there is a trail, a lake and a fairly deep creek. When it is really hot outside Dylan likes to wade into the water and cool off. Raven, when we first got her (and this is the summer of her first year with us, 2014) didn’t initially like water. After going with us to the beach for a week in North Carolina, she actually adapted a little and would get into the water.





Two things that we have learned. The first is that in fact there is no trail around the lake that goes all the way around the lake. It looks like there is a trail on the map, but in reality the trail only covers about 50% of the lake. Then you are on the other side and the trail ends. Luckily Black Hills recreation area is really near Germantown so we were able to call Jakki and get a ride home. We ended up walking 4 miles on a trail that was mean to be 3, and were still on the far side of the lake. We liter walked from Black Hill park back to Germantown. Needless to say, Jakki laughed at us.


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