Wander project imperfection and perfection Oak Island North Carolina 2014



One of the things I tried with the new camera I got in 2014 on our trip to North Carolina was filters. I can honestly say now, that they were a failure then. But at the time I was really excited to be trying new capabilities with a digital camera. I am not the most epic photographer. I do remember my father playing with Polarizing filters when I was younger and getting unbelievable pictures while we were in Colorado. I can now say, I should with filters. I can however, digitally fix the images so that they are no longer purple tinged. I wanted to share them in the original format to show that the beauty of the ocean transcends a bad photographer. The interesting story about why Raven is so far from the water is the focus on today’s wander project.




Both Dylan and Raven are Lab Rescue dogs. They were found, in a bad or lost situation and no one claimed them so Lab Rescue stepped in. We then adopted both of them into our family (or as Raven likes to say she let us into her family). Raven, when we first got her was terrified of water. Something bad happened to her around water I am certain. So the pictures I have early on of Raven and the beach are Raven staying as far away as she can. A water dog that had nothing to do with water. Dylan on the other hand loves water. He wades right in. Raven will now, but three years ago when she first joined us there was a trauma that occurred near moving water. She even hates the open running water in the sewer after a big rain storm.




By the end of the week she was in the water. Water dogs love water! It took her some time to adjust to not being alone. These pictures are Oak Island North Carolina taken the summer of 2014. We went back a little over a year after our first trip. We have taken a number of vacations since Dylan joined us, then adding Raven to the vacation celebration. Dylan likes water, and he loves the ocean. When we first got Dylan we also still had Fran. It happened that one weekend Jakki was working and couldn’t leave, and we went off to Virginia Beach with Dylan and the Boys. First off, Dylan loves the beach. He loves Virginia Beach more than another place. He is a hotel dog. A hotel dog is one that when they get to the hotel, the y are comfortable and ready for vacation. Virginia Beach is a very mature town according to Dylan. They let dogs on leashes into all the stores!


Family Historian

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