Wander project Rehoboth beach…



Our first full summer in Maryland (2012) we wandered to Rehoboth beach in Delaware. We didn’t take Dylan or Raven as the place we rented didn’t allow dogs. Plus, in 2012 Raven wasn’t with us Fran still was. We spent about four or five days at the beach and that was nice. Rehoboth has clean beaches! It is about a 4 hour drive from the house. All the way across Maryland, and then all the way across Delaware. We left early in the morning and it took most of the day. While it wasn’t a horribly long drive, we lost an hour on the Bay Bridge. We would lost nearly 90 minutes on the way back. The Bay Bridge is one of the only crossings of the Chesapeake bay in the Southern part of Maryland.




Rehoboth has a boardwalk (like Ocean City in Maryland and Atlantic City in New Jersey) which is always fun to stroll. We were here for Mother’s day in 2012. We walked the entire length of the boardwalk (it is a little over a mile) the first couple of days. On Mother’s day (Sunday) we had a wonderful brunch in a restaurant that looked out over the beach and the ocean. We stayed in a nice grouping of condos that were built on the land side of the area. Not so far inland that you weren’t attached to water, but the water in the area we were staying was actually more swamp than ocean. It wasn’t connected to the ocean other than at the end of the swampy river.





A couple of days on the beach, near the ocean were what the doctor ordered! Well it’s what I ordered and my nickname is Doc, so I guess that is pretty close. We ended up stopping at the beach adjacent fish market and getting fresh fish to make for dinner. It is a luxury to get fresh fish after all the years we lived in Indiana and fresh was the operative part of fish. Suddenly the fresh was fresh and the fish was amazing. Jakki made a mix of fish stir fry that was amazing!


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