Wander project a couple of people that came along for the ride the past 19 years!



Today’s wander project is nearly an Odyssey. The epic poem covers the activities and events that kept a father away from his son and wife for 20 years. Today’s journey is 1 year less than that 19. The images you will see today are of our twins. They were born at Good Sam hospital on March 30th 1998. It seems, now, so long ago. They were premature, as twins sometimes are, arriving early in the morning (4:30 and 4:37 am in fact). It was a Monday morning I remember that well. I was home with the girls (Jakki and Becca) and Barb was on forced bed rest at the hospital. She had been on home bed rest the previous 22 weeks so she was pretty sick of bed rest by this point. She called me around 7 pm. There were pains and the beginnings of labor, the Doctors were trying to stop the labor as the boys were only 33 weeks. Old enough to survive but if you can buy time, it is always better. The older the child is in Utero, the likelihood of survival increases by leaps and bounds. We’d had that talk with the doctor already. Barb called, she was scared, so I came to the Hospital not knowing what to expect. I called the boys future God Mother Joan Hussong and she came right away to stay with the girls.




We moved from Shaffer Avenue the first house we owned in Cincinnati to Mt. Airy (Willowcove) right after the boys were born. The old house was too small. The first year was tough. We nearly lost Nick, he had a horrible infection and was back in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care) at Good Sam just two weeks after he had come home. The boys had been in the NICU for around two weeks after birth and then came home. Nick went right back in and it was a really hard time period. I don’t remember much of the blur of days that happened then. I would go to work during the day, come home and go to the hospital. I do recall though one great moment. I don’t know why this has stuck with me all these years later but the first time the boys God Father Jock held them, he recited Beowulf to them. The old English version of the poem. I remember well sitting in the NICU and some how feeling it was all going to be ok.



We moved to Indiana in 1999. October was the month we actually picked up and moved. But in 2001 a huge milestone occurred. The boys turned 3, Matthew (my sisters son and my nephew) turned 9 and my father turned 66 in the months of March. The boys were born on my father’s birthday something he loved. Matt was born earlier in the month of March. That day was marked with celebrations and festivities.

There are many more milestones that happened along the way. For a time the boys were friends with a set of triplets. That was an interesting mix of doubles and triples. As identical twins, the boys are actually mirror twins. A mirror twin is pretty much as it sounds, one of them is the opposite of the other. As if they were looking into a mirror. One right handed and one left handed twin! I cannot express what a wonderful gift the two of them have been over the years. They are amazing human beings and I am proud of them. Today they turn 19 years old.


Proud father (and traveler)

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