Wander project Castaway Cay (Disney’s Island)



In the background of the pictures are Disney Characters and the Disney Magic (the then new Disney Cruise ship, now nearly 10 years old). This was the first family cruise we ever took and was a blast! But this also keeps in line with my bleachers I’ve been to posts over the last few days. We have wandered to Oak Island North Carolina, liked it so much, we wandered back. We have wandered to Rehoboth, a beach in Delaware, and today we are wandering to a beach of the past Castaway Cay. A private island owned by Walt Disney company, and used as a cruise ship stop on their Cruise line. Located in the Caribbean the island isn’t that big and other than the landing spot, not much of the island is built. There is a lot of old construction equipment rusting on the island as well.




We arrived in the over night hours and when we were done with breakfast it was time to disembark and start our day on the beach. The water as you can see from the pictures was unbelievable. The sand was as bright as day! There was only a few clouds in the sky and we headed ashore. Now, there were a few activities (paddle boarding, sailing, canoe and kayaks) but for the most part this was  a sit and relax on the beach day. That meant the boys and Jakki were in the water about 3 minutes after we found a spot to sit. The only reason they waited the three minutes was we had the stroller with us, so we had to maneuver the stroller through the sand.





We relaxed and had a wonderful lunch. The beach was simply amazing. Around the 2 pm time we wandered back to the room. The boys were still young enough that afternoon naps happened still. They were half asleep as we re-boarded the ship and prepared for the evening. Plus, the ship was air conditioned and the island was not, so the ship was a lot cooler! We had a majestic day relaxing and just unwinding. One of my all time favorite beaches!.


Family Historian

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