Sometimes you wander close to home. Sometimes you just wonder…

Part of my journey as a writer was through a Royal Manual Typewriter. My father taught me to write what I was thinking. Then when I was done to go back and clean things up. I should probably do a better job of cleaning things up. I found a Royal like the one my father had all those years ago on Etsy. I also have a 1930’s portable typewriter with the case, but it is in really bad shape. I keep them to remind me of my father. I also keep them to remind me of the journey. I used to sit in front of a blank sheet of paper, now it is in front of a taunting flashing cursor. Either way there is blankness in front of me as I start my journey, my wander project each day. It is a journey that mixes the joy and sorrow of my life around me. This blog focusing on the various components of the Family History project my kids and I began now nearly three years ago.

Nick used to take lego sets and make new creations!

Over the years there are a number of things that change and a number of things that stay the same. The family history project focuses on tracking the things that changed. We got married on the hottest day of June 1991. It actually wasn’t the hottest day, but we were outside in wedding attire and it was hotter because of that. As we stood there on the porch of my parents farm, listening to the minister read the ceremony a bee buzzed around us. That moment in 1991 was not the end of a previous journey nor was it the beginning only of a new journey. It was the mixing of two journey’s together. The past, present and future captured in a series of photographs and video. We have 20 DVD’s worth of family videos, plus more than 100,000 images that have been scanned, archived and we have begun sharing them.

I still love to take pictures of people taking pictures.

The folder I found to share for today is one from 2006. Many things happened that year. I actually finished my project in Malaysia that year. I stopped by Bangkok to visit my parents who were there (dad was still teaching in Bangkok long after he returned from IU). Barb’s parents were living in Franklyn Indiana by then, in an apartment as part of a retirement facility. The world was still shaken by the events of the previous five years. 2001 had a huge impact on those of us that traveled for a living. The kids were growing. The boys turned 8 years old in 2006. Their sister was 14. Great kids then (that hasn’t changed they are still great kids).

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