Wander project Derby England…



I have over the years had the chance to visit England quite a few times. During those many visits I have found a number of English traditions amazing and interesting. I love the London Cabs. I do find it a big disconcerting that the sign shared says no drinking out of the box, it is after all a small box. One of the things I enjoy about visiting London is simply the wealth of options they have for the consumption of food. From pub food, that truly is similar to US bar food, to the uniquely English breakfast buffet. I love roasted tomatoes for breakfast. Plus I really enjoy the variety of choices on the English Breakfast buffet. Not sure I understand the what and why of baked beans for breakfast. Seems a bit off to me, but that I suspect is my inner puritan talking. I really enjoy a good English Breakfast Buffet!




One of my earliest trips to England ended up in Derby working with a customer. The best part of visiting Derby was the train. You land at Heathrow and take a train to Derby. I really was exhausted after flying to the UK, it is an overnight flight but timing is roughly 7 hours. By the time you take off, settle into your seat and try to get some sleep you are already out 2 hours. So you are running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep by the time you land. Add to that the stress of making it through customs and getting your stuff. Then you hop on the train system and head across London to Paddington Station. There you catch the train that take you to Derby. So there are a lot of moving pieces in the overall experience.





We actually had our meetings in the office of the Derby Rams. That was a lot of fun, actually sitting high above the pitch. The hardest thing about the trip frankly was the reality of telephone connectivity. This was right before most hotels added wi-fi to their guest offerings. So I had to have the English phone adapter, the English power adapter and to get my email and do any customer research it had to be done via the phone. I really rarely complain about internet speeds now, I remember searching via phone line! Really enjoyed my sojourn in Derby!


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