Wander project Mouth Vernon (Virginia)…



As a child my parents took my sisters and I to Mount Vernon. Know as the long time home of George Washington, the first President of the United States, the person most often called the “Father” of our country. Shortly after we moved to the DC area I took the kids to Mount Vernon. We explored the entire facility. First of all I learned, which I probably knew from my first journey but is not what I remember about Mount Vernon then. George Washington was an agricultural innovator. When people talk about the founding fathers of our country usually it is Thomas Jefferson that is said to be the innovator. Washington actually was very interested in how to improve agriculture on his farm as well as for the entire nation!




He tried many different garden styles and combinations on his estate. That reminded me of my father. My dad tried many different styles of gardens over the years. He would visit a country and return with a new idea for the garden. Washington only visited Europe, but he read ideas put forth by other people about improving the process and concepts of agriculture in America! The gardens at Mount Vernon are laid out as close to the way Washington left them as is possible.





I had a blast wandering the grounds and seeing Mt. Vernon. It was without a doubt an amazing day for me. If you ask the kids they would probably tell you the best part of the day was stopping at the 5 guys on the way home for burgers (grilled chasse for Jakki she doesn’t like burgers) and a swing at the new fangled soda machine that was fun to watch the kids figure out. I think we actually saw the majority of the estate that day. We wandered to the lower gardens, we wandered inside the amazing mansion (you have to have a set time for your tour, there are so many people that want to crowd in) and we saw the flower gardens.


Family Historian

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