Wander project from Indiana to Ohio to Indiana to Ohio…



We moved to a house in Maryland first that we rented. It was in a community called the Kentland’s.  The first part of the journey was getting from Indiana to Maryland. That was a major effort. Barb was finishing up her Masters at IUPUI, and the only thing she had left was a practicum, that was supposed to be a year. She actually managed to find, and land the require internship in Maryland otherwise she was going to have to rent an apartment and stay in Indiana for a year to finis that internship. Then we had the process of actually moving the entire house. We had done that three times before by that point. Moving from Bloomington Indiana to Cincinnati Ohio in June 1991. Then moving within Cincinnati a few times the last to our house in Willowcove.




We then moved from Cincinnati back to Indiana (Greenwood) to be closer to family. I was then traveling for work, and moving to Greenwood got Barb support from my family, and later from her family as they moved back to Indiana as well. We then packed our bags and head off to Maryland. The last was actually the hardest because after 18 years of owning a home (and fixing everything) we decided we were going to lease the house for a couple of years. Little did we know the nightmare we would soon encounter. There are good leasing companies all around. There are also bad ones. We ended up renting in a very nice neighborhood from a company that seemed professional and caring. They were neither, but that was our first lesson. It had been nearly 20 years by then since we had rented/leased and we had forgotten many things.





The best part, the thing that captured our eyes when we looked at the house in the Kentland’s was the open living room area. It seemed huge (it was) and had enough open space for our bookshelves, our pool table and our couch and TV.  It became the center of the house. That was where we gathered in the evening. If only, after months of begging, the leasing company had ever actually fixed something we might have stayed there. Around the corner from the house was a small park. Maryland likes to have what they call Greenways (green areas between and amongst hosue to remind people that the world was green, first). In the greenway near the hosue was an old stone quarry. Jakki and I spent a day snapping pictures of the quarry. Why? I don’t know, we just decided to do that!


Wanderer and historian…

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