Wander project returns, but doesn’t leave Washington DC…



In downtown Washington DC is a place called the Mall of America. The mall has many wonderful places to wander and see. From the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the WWII memorial, the Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument and Jefferson monument are all within walking distance. You can see the US Capital and the Whitehouse, plus many historic buildings that house government agencies and some even have tours. All of this available just off the Metro Central station, a short walk. On one side of the mall of America sits the Smithsonian Museums. There are many museums in the Smithsonian System. From Natural history to modern art, it is both an extensive collection of buildings, and an extensive presentation of the many wonders of our world.




Without a doubt, not even a question, my favorite of all the places there on the mall of America is the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. I first went when I was around 10 years old. I have been many times since then to both museums (they have a larger one at Dulles International Airport. In that one they have larger planes). Both of the Air and Space museums are amazing places to stop and wander. The Smithsonian’s offer free admission. Both air and space museums are open, the larger one near Dulles Airport being literally a hanger of the past used to store airplanes then, and to display airplanes now! The one right off the mall of America is a beautiful building.





The museum houses spacecraft that have left the surly bonds of earth and returned safely. It also has airplanes that were the first (the first to fly across the Atlantic the Spirit of St. Louis) to do something. It has the fastest airplane ever built (The SR-71 built by Lockheed Martin). I love wandering the Air and Space museum, it is a connection with my father. He loved NASA, long before I was born he was engaged and interested in what lies beyond. Sometimes when I wander museums I know dad is still with me. I can hear him telling me to read the historical markers.


Family Historian

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