Wander project quilts and Wisconsin!

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Many years ago in the time period that the original American Colonies existed, people made quilts. They would have what were called quilting bees, gathering together in a social group to put together the many squares of a quilt. My mother started making quilts many years ago now, it was her hobby. It became a family obsession. My childhood memory is of boating on Lake Ripley. It is of standing on the dock and fishing, or taking the boat out into the lake to catch fish. It is of golfing with my grandfather or playing Jeopardy with my grandmother. I have items from that long ago past that are treasures for me. My children, my nieces and nephews have treasures from their their grandparents as well. Gaining love of knowledge and quilts! There was a time we could not travel even the shortest distance without one of Grandma’s quilts!

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So pictures of the people and places of the long ago past. My grandfather and his father built the houses and cabins on the property that sat on Sleepy Hollow Rd. The house that Grandpa and Grandma lived in sat on the actual road, with a long yard that flowed down to the lake. That flowing was a great hill for sledding. There were many houses that didn’t have wide panoramic views of the lake, they were built very close to the lake. But Grandpa, and Great-Grandpa built both houses on the top of the hill. The house that was always a cabin when I was a child, was originally my great-grandfather’s house. The old black and white images from 50 years ago have held up nicely. It seems funny now, that 50 years has passed. That time has washed away the beach we used to play at. We vacationed at Lake Ripley one summer, after Jakki was born. After my grandmother had passed away probably 1993. We drove from Cincinnati to Indiana to meet the rest of the family and then we all caravanned to Cambridge!

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Wisconsin was a huge part of my childhood. From visiting the Dells (in the northern/middle part of the state) to visiting the lake. To later visiting Racine the trips were there. The memories are fuzzy though. There are many pictures of me sitting on my grandfather Andersen’s lap, but I have so few memories of him now. He passed away in 1972. My mother’s parents Grandpa and Grandma Johnston I have so many memories of from the years past. I spent a lot of summers there on Lake Ripley. It is, a huge part of my childhood and I remember it fondly. It was and remains a huge part of what I was and who I am. Wisconsin was an impact on me! From Summer Sausage to Salami Cheese, golf, lake Ripley, Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin River (at the Dells) the state holds so many memories and recollections!


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