Wander project a journey to Prom…

Luke school picture 2005

Nick school picture1 2005

The boys were born in 1998, the boys changed our family quickly. The first year is still a blur after their arrival. Between building a new house and feeding the boys every four hours that summer was lost, so was that spring. We moved in the summer of 1998 to our new house on Willowcove in Mt. Airy Cincinnati Ohio. That move was tough, with two tiny boys, a house being built and me working. It stretched us really thin. Luckily Barb wasn’t working and that have been the one thing that saved us. Well that and Jakki actually feeding both boys! I have a great picture of her with both of them propped next to her on the couch, managing their bottles. It was during that first year that we made a decision to move back to Indiana to be closer to family. Barb’s folks, Barb’s Brother and my family all came and helped but when you are hours away it is hard to come and stay, or to pop in for a quick visit. So even though we had just finished the house in Willowcove and added a pool, we decided to move back to Indianapolis.




The transition back to Indiana was hard for everyone. We had friends, activities and things to do in Cincinnati. We weren’t moving back to the city we both (Barb and I) grew up in. That was Bloomington, and another 45 miles south of where we ended up moving to Greenwood. After two houses (one we built) in Cincinnati we knew what we wanted in a house. We were looking for a house with a large open area on the main level. We found it! We’ve actually had a house with a large open area on the main level ever since. I guess it is our signature house thing now. Again if Barb hadn’t been home and able to manage the transition to Indiana I think things would have been crazy. As it is moving companies came and moved us twice in less than a year. Once between neighborhoods in Cincinnati and the second time back to Greenwood Indiana. It was nice however, being less than two blocks from my sisters house.





Life is a journey. From where you start to where you end up. In finding your own path you will come to many intersections where others join you for a time. The essence of family is being able to stay connected even when you are on a completely different road. The simple act of reaching out, helping and connecting makes a family. Be it so simple as  a birthday card every year, or a Christmas gift each year that connection is part of family. That is what we moved back to Indiana to not only give to the boys and girls but also to make sure we had some connection as well. It was a journey that presented many changes. But it is a journey I would take in a heartbeat. The choices we made were what in the end got us where we are. Happiness is knowing you did your best.


Family Historian

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