Wandering past the dock, out into the bay and then right back…



Sunday weather-wise was an interesting day. It was warm (in the 80’s) but when we got to the boat it was clear or just gray skies. The wind was blowing in (from the bay to shore). We went out a bit, only to find out it was a lot rougher on the Bay than in Back Creek!  We ended up leaving the canvas up, because we thought it might rain (and that adds a 1/2 hour to docking). This was the first trip ever on a boat for just Barb and I. That part was a blast. Although I realized our float plan should have been filed with someone other than the boys. Based on the fact that we left (they were playing video games), we returned (they were still playing video games) I am not sure they would have noticed us.




rom the time we left the dock to the time we took this picture (catamaran) it was roughly 30 minutes. You can see the difference in the sky in the pictures shared. I took along my canon, so I could take the best possible picture (I love my DSLR!). The wind also picked up quite a bit. Wind isn’t hard on power boats, and sail boats love the wind. Wind does however make it harder to dock. A lot harder. But that is a story for the next set of pictures! We cruised out and practiced maneuvering and then decided (valor is often just good judgement) that it was  a little rougher than we truly wanted to deal with, so we headed back in.





The last couple of images are from the beautiful flower garden that is near the dock house of the marina. Everyone has been sharing such beautiful spring flowers on their blogs that I decided I had to as well. Anyway we cruised in and then struggled once we got to the dock. The wind was still blowing from the bay in, but now it was pushing us against the dock. I stopped for a moment and remember what I had been taught (if the wind is too much, use the Pylons as pivot points). We were able to slide into our slip without manage to us or any other boats. It took a little longer than usual, but I learned I could handle the wind, as long as I was slow, and careful!


boating fan!

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