Wander project day 6 and 7 Disney Cruise…


Over the course of many vacations, I learned one thing. My wife loves, adores, cherishes time spent at the beach. On our 6th day of our Disney World Experience (and most of the 5th as well), we spent time on the Disney Cruise ship Magic.  The kids enjoyed the food, the shows, and the kids club. Jakki made a new friend in the kids club, and that was the last time we saw her, except for meals.

P0000902P0000907P0000923The island that Disney has converted is Castaway Kay. It isn’t much of an island, and for the most part other than the dock for the cruise ship and a few small buildings the island is as named, a Castaway. The beaches, however, or beach, is just magnificent. White sands that stretch as far as the eye can see, or sea to make it a pun.

P0000935P0000926P0000940P0000952We spent the day on the island enjoying the hospitality of the on-land crew. There was an amazing BBQ for lunch that hit the spot (and made a few new spots that laundry was going to have to deal with later.). We truly enjoyed our Beach day, and Nick finally met a Disney Character that he liked. He ran up and hugged Captain Hook.


Family Historian

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