Wander project Disney day 6 and 7 part 2


Day 6 and Day 7 were spent on the Disney Magic, the then newest of the Disney Cruise ships (I think they are up to three or four ships now). We stopped at the Grand Bahama Island. Barb stayed on board with the napping boys. Jakki and I took a horse and carriage ride around the city! I enjoy the difference of horse-drawn carriages. I’ve done them in Chicago, New York and other cities in the winter. They are quite a unique experience.

P0000901P0000908P0000916Grand Bahama is a wonderful stopping place; I wish we would have had more time than one day there. The next day, which I talked about yesterday was spent at Castaway Cay. I spelled the name incorrectly yesterday with a K; it is a C. I think my favorite part was the mini-tour Jakki and I took the horse drawn a carriage. That was a first for Jakki, and we had a blast! It was a vacation of firsts for Jakki. First ride in a Limo. First trip to Disney World. First ride in a horse-drawn carriage. First trip on a cruise ship. The same true for the boys, minus the horse-drawn carriage while they were napping!

P0000950As a first cruise ship experience, the Disney Magic was amazing. The crew was all about service. Our cabin was beyond amazing. The meals were tremendous, and there P0000949were some firsts on the cruise. Luke had his first taste of passion fruit cake at the first lunch of the cruise. He said cake, every time on of the waiters walked by our table. At the P0000929last night meal, the entire wait staff that had been with us the entire voyage (you keep the same wait staff but switch restaurants kind of a cool system) stood and clapped chanted cake for Luke on our last night. We haven’t let him live that down, yet.


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