Wander project Australia.

IMGA0145IMGA0150Our niece is traveling Australia now so I thought I would share a few images from the times I went to Oz. The very first trip I took was for me the most memorable because I got to go with a bunch of people that were simply amazing. There were other trips, but they were shorter and project related so less fun more business the first trip had the most fun. This first trip was a field communication process we were doing from the product groups. I landed on Friday PM so that I would be ready for the first meetings on Monday am. We were doing presentations in Sydney for two days, then visiting a couple of customers and then driving down to Canberra. We were then going to fly from Canberra to Melbourne, have a few more meetings and then fly back to Sydney. All in all the trip was slated for 15 days.

IMGA0152The other part of the trip for me was to capture images from every angle of the Sydney Opera House. My father had gone to Oz many years before and brought home many slides of the McGill University campus and many pictures of the Sydney Opera House. My niece posted an image of the Opera House as well, so it’s her fault for this wander. IMGA0162Although her picture was of the Opera house, and the water between the far shore and the Opera House that is often filled with sharks. She was more worried about the sharks. My initial goal was to take a bunch of pictures of the Opera House to send my father, just to tweak him a little.

IMGA0148The first day I was there and could wake up (Saturday) was raining. I didn’t care; I grabbed my umbrella (back then traveling often to Seattle I had an umbrella permanently in my luggage). So my initial pictures are of a gray sky and an opera house. Over the course of the next few days, we wandered the city both for meetings and for fun. We ended up having after hours events with other people on the team talking about customers and how we could help them. We had the best lamb I have ever had in my life. We wandered through the coolest swap meet that is off one of the Quays in Sydney. But that first day was just wet and rainy. Until I found out the hotel had a cigar bar and Cuban cigars, then the day started looking up!


Family Historian

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