Wander project more Sydney!

IMGA0192The first weekend in Sydney was fun for several reasons, not the least of which was the Hollywood movie being filmed there at the time (It was the second reboot of the Superman Movies). Plus the weather was perfect. So the Sunday before the start of IMGA0190meetings we (a dear friend and I who was on the trip) decided to go on a walk. We were just going to wander around Sydney a bit. A little over 12 miles later we were ready for dinner (and going to sleep!).

IMGA0196I got a lot of wonderful pictures of the city. During the week there weren’t as many opportunities to wander the city, we were on the go most of the days with internal and customer meetings. It was the launch of a new way of doing things. I think it was IMGA0206mostly just us doing things the same way but repacking it in a different box. I am not sure the company was truly transforming as much as being claimed.

IMGA0205There were some places along the Quay that had amazing gardens. Plus there were street performers sharing their art. My favorite was the gentleman who played the Didgeridoo just outside the ticket area of the Quay. I thought about bringing one home for the kids. Then I thought about the reality of the learning process and didn’t! It is a glorious instrument well played; it is horrifying played poorly. Sounds like what I imagine a cat would sound like as you rock over its tail with a rocking chair, over and over.


Family Historian

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