Wander project Australia Day 3…

IMGA0253Being in Australia and meeting all sorts of people I had communicated with via email for ages, now in person was amazing. Some of the people were on the many late mornings and early evening calls we had talked about what we were doing with the new solution that was being introduced. Our group was splitting up in Sydney; I was going with a IMGA0260friend and co-worker to Canberra and Melbourne. We had 7 or so customer talks that we would be having while visiting the two cities. The rest of the crew was off to Japan to present the same talk there.

IMGA0295We (well my friend/co-worker) decided we would drive down to Canberra from Sydney. I had no clue how long a drive it was, but I was game to see a bit more of the country than I would from an airplane. So off we went on an expedition. Had we only had a yellow road, a tin man, a little dog, a scarecrow and well you get the rest, then it would have been a fitting journey across Oz!

IMGA0267Canberra is an amazing city. First off it is laid off in a grid, a designed city. Each area or district of the city has roads that meet where you expect them to, and it is an extremely logical planned city. We were staying near one of the lakes downtowns and walked around the lake a few times. We were only in Canberra for three days, one of which was Melbourne Cup day. Horse racing is big in Australia.


Family Historian

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