Wander project Sydney Harbor Cruise…

IMGA0352The hardest part of traveling for me was away from family. I did love the many places I got to see and the wonderful things I got to experience. But the best part of every business trip was the leg home. Then the trip was over, and I could remember and share. I wish I had shared earlier, sharing pictures. IMGA0594There are so many to be seen and share. We had a couple of extra free days the second weekend in Australia. The crew doing the rest of Asia had left, we returned from Melbourne, and I was on my own.

IMGA0519So I decided to take the Sydney Harbor cruise just to see the many sights. Sunday I was meeting some co-workers I had worked with the year before on a project, but for this Saturday I was going to cruise around Sydney Harbor and see the sights! It is a massive deep water harbor, but the tour focuses more on the tourist and commuter side of the harbor.

IMGA0558The harbor cruise was a wonderful afternoon. I enjoyed taking pictures and video of the city that is Sydney. I did, towards the end of the cruise run out of battery which was frustrating. I had, then two batteries for my Sony Digital Video camera, but I only took one with me on the cruise. So the last part of the cruise has no images.


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