Wander project my favorite places to travel…

DSC02245I have, according to the plaque on my wall, had the fortune to travel more than 1,000,000 miles in the air in my life. It seems like a huge number, but in fact, it isn’t. It is just a number. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing cities on earth. I have flown on some of the best airlines, and some of the worst. I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels, and some of the worst. I thought I would put DSC02219together the best of travel from my perspective over the next couple of days. My favorite cities, and why! Plus pictures from the visits there over the years!

109A6984The top of my list has three cities, so I am going to lead with the three of them as my co-1’s! The three cities are then followed by a list of other cities and will share those tomorrow. Today we start out with the top of Scott’s favorite cities to visit list. My rules are simple; I had to have been and stayed in the city. No fly-byes, drive-byes or wandering the encyclopedia.

DSCN0206My three all time favorite cities, which is probably already given away, although maybe not as they are after all my pictures. These three cities are fun to wander, warm and to invite and a place that I truly love to enjoy more than anything. The first of the three is Copenhagen. A huge part of my heritage is Danish, and I love the city. The next city is also a huge part of my heritage Dublin and finally getting out of Europe my last all time favorite city is Bangkok Thailand. Tomorrow I will dive into the why I love each of the three.



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