Wander project, cities I love (was top 10, but well, its not).

Albums 1026I promised after my top three cities post that I would share my list of top 10 all time favorite cities to visit. My three favorites were shared over the last two days. They will be included in the list as co-top spot so that I will share my top 13 all time favorite cities. The rules are very simple, I have to have been to the city for business or pleasure, and the experience had to be memorable. The list will be different today, (other than the top three) than the similar list I published more than ten years ago.

1. Bangkok

1. Dublin

1. Copenhagen

2. Chicago

2. Bloomington IN

3. London

4. Amsterdam

5. Prague

6. Sydney

7. Canberra

8. Melbourne

9. Kuala Lumpur

10. Seattle

Albums 1134Not being on the list, doesn’t mean I don’t love a city, it just didn’t make my top 10 (13). Chicago is where I was born, and I spent a lot of my early professional career in and out of Chicago. It is a city that I love, in part because of the nature of the city and in part because it also houses the sports teams that I follow (Bears, Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks). Bloomington Indiana made a list as well, is the place I grew up. Although, in fairness, the two Chicago and Bloomington could also be in that list of all time favorite cities as well.

Albums 1794There is a place I have retired from the list. I have been back, and Barb and the kids have been to this place as well. It is a piece of my childhood that will forever be part of me. The retired place is Cambridge Wisconsin. It’s retired because the two people that made it what it was are no longer with us. My grandfather and Grandmother Johnston represent what Cambridge Wisconsin for me was. It was never Marsden family restaurant or Arbor Dells; it was always them for me.


Family Historian

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