Wander project the why in wander…

Hans Andersen Legacy 92014 was the worst year for our family. We lost my dad in June of the year. I hate that phrase; we lost him, he passed away. We also lost Jakki’s dog Fran earlier in the same year. (I am not comparing the two, the first loss  of my dad was huge. Fran was a tough loss, but dogs don’t live as long as people do). That year was the start of the Family History project and the eventual Albums 985morphing into not a power ranger, but the Wander project. In the course of a lifetime, you travel. Sometimes as little as from your house to the mailbox. At other times you travel the world, you see either way mailbox or world.

DSC00462During that journey, no matter how long your journey or how far you travel, it is your journey. What you make of the things you see, what you share of what you what you learn, that is what should define a person. Not, that you have passports full of stamps, but that you have shared with anyone that would listen your tail of travel, your memories.

To quote my mother “It is your memory.” She says that to me when she and I disagree about the way things happened when I was young. But it is in sharing those memories that while we may find momentary discord, we also have that shared or common moment. Today’s wander is not a place-specific; it is your journey. Where does your journey take you?

Find in yourself the path to continue. Along the way, share the things you learn with those around you. They may roll their eyes. They may look at your and think, boring, but later they will remember and know the story and the journey. Best of luck wandering!



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