Wander project from the shore to the sea, Seattle WA!

IMG_0076Yesterday we wandered from the sea to Seattle; there are some bits of downtown Seattle, including the shore. Over the years I walked some long walks along the Seattle Shores (or along the River in Redmond, my favorite walk). Starting near the heart of downtown and walking out towards the Salmon Farms and towards the commercial harbor. It was always relaxing when I had to spend the weekends in Seattle, and there weren’t work events I had to attend, to just walk.Just walk was always my way to adjust to the time-zones and to get some exercise. My knees won’t take running anymore. Walking along the shore in Seattle was always fun.

IMG_0096There are a couple of wonderful parks you walk through on your way. Plus if you start out in the Convention center area of Seattle, you can wander down to Pike Street. The Pike Street fish market, featured in many movies over the years, is a wonderful fun place to stop. Plus you can wander past Starbucks One (Pike Place).

IMG_0099From there you head towards the wonderful park. I am not sure I ever knew the name of the park, it is past the water front condo’s and is one of the coolest pedestrian, biking and just wandering parks in the Seattle area. It is fun to wander along the coastline towards the Salmon Fisheries. I had never seen a fishery, so it was always fun to wander by and see what they were doing. Then the walk would end near the beginning of the other side of the commercial port (the walk I often took was between the two parts of the commercial harbor, with the people harbor there as well (where ferries came into the Seattle port). I’ve come to realize I miss Seattle more than I thought I did. I guess you spend 15 years going in and out of a city, and you get used to the reality of that city.


Family Historian

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