Wander project Shanghai China

IMG_0759Christmas Season, Shanghai China the lights and displays were amazing. Shanghai is a very interesting city as it was where the Chinese Communist party was started, in the very buildings that are now a mall, interesting reality there. We got to wander the city (at night, we were working all day) so most of my pictures are of the night time events.

IMG_0817We stayed in a Marriott hotel; I love Marriott hotels. They have an amazing rewards program, over the years I enjoyed the many perks of many Marriott stays. The hotel was very nice; it had an amazing breakfast buffet that was uniquely Asian. I found the same buffets in hotels in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. You don’t find the same buffet in Japanese hotels.  But the rest of Asia you get the buffet. My favorite part had white rice in the morning. I love rice in Southeast Asia.

IMG_0914There were two distinctly touristy things we did while we were there (I was there with a co-worker). The first was going to the top of the Financial Tower; the second was wander the market. The market was mostly so both of us could find something to take home for the various members of our families. I found several things to take home that were small and would fit into my suitcase. That was one of my determining factors in picking souvenirs for family members. They, the souvenirs, had to fit in my suitcase. Some times, my wife would also ask to go with me, and there were a couple of trips she was even willing to fit in the suitcase, but she couldn’t someone had to watch the kids!


Family Historian

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