Wander project of Yelp reviews!


I am rapidly approaching my 100th yelp review (number 98 was posted this past weekend). I am not saying this is a stop everything, the epic event just that I am excited about number 100. To get to the number 100 I’ve posted reviews from some places. Some of the reviews are of places I love in Seattle Washington. Some are of the places I love in Bloomington Indiana. Finally, there are some reviews of places in Maryland that we have visited since moving here.

P6270033My first exposure to good sushi was in Seattle, so I have fond memories of the good and bad food in the city. I did learn that while sushi seems easy to make it is not. We’ve tried a couple of times with success after getting the Sushi Bazooka, but before that, it was not a good result. Seattle was also a place I spent many weeks visiting. I worked in a Seattle office for roughly 22 weeks, before my job went back to field based. During that time in Seattle, I was there Monday – Friday is every single week. I worked on documentation on the four-hour flight home as well. It was an eye opening experience.

IMG_5579Bloomington has a couple of classic restaurants but the most important for me as a person is the Trojan Horse. Why? That is the first place I met my wife after high school. We met once when she was a senior, and I was a freshman. But that meeting did not go well. We were introduced by friends of mine and hers at the horse, but that also didn’t go that well. The last time we were introduced was when we were ready to be a couple, funny how that works out.

Maryland is the land of sea food, so we’ve come to have more and more seafood in our diet. There are some awesome additional ethnic restaurants that we just didn’t have in Greenwood Indiana. (Our favorite ethnic restaurant closed until a new Thai place opened up. The only restaurants with significant spicy were the New Orleans style restaurant and the Thai place. Everything else was pretty bland overall) Moving to Maryland we could suddenly experience Pho, Sushi, and many other cultural food experiences. It is amazing. My wander project today is all the wanders that brought me to 98 Yelp Reviews. You can find my Yelp reviews, here.



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