Wander project just kind of all over…

IMAG0002Today is a fun collection of pictures. All of them taken with a cellular phone. My apologies as some of them are blurry. I tried for a time, about two months, to not use a digital camera. I sold all my digital cameras and only had my PocketPC phone camera. That experiment didn’t work out well. So these pictures are part of that experiment. The initial pictures in this series are wandering to the hospital with my daughter; She had a broken toe. Not by the way the last time she broke a toe, this was the first time the toe was broken!

IMAG0013Next, we wander to Italy and a few cellular phone pictures captured. I had switched back to a digital camera by the time I went to Italy but took a few with the cellular phone as well. From Italy, we wander back to dinner at our house in Greenwood. So now we have gone Hospital in Greenwood, Italy back to Greenwood. Lots of ground covered in the first few pictures. The trip to Italy was for work although a fun trip as well. More work than fun, but still it was nice to see the city of Milan.

IMAG0022Finally the last pictures celebrate my Nephew’s (my Sister’s son) achievement of Eagle Scout. Plus some images of flowers. I take a lot of pictures of people taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of historical markers. Pictures of flowers I take to show to my wife. She loves flowers. Now we come to the cool pictures I had forgotten I had. The images of Elvis the St. Bernard. Elvis was an amazing dog owned by my good friends in Seattle. The biking pictures are of the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis Indiana. So there we go. Greenwood (hospital) to Italy and then back to Greenwood (a stop in Bloomington) and then Seattle and Indianapolis proper. Long trip to share in pictures but a lot of fun memories!


Family Historian

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