Wander project Holland (Amsterdam) circa 2000

P0000414In 1972 my family moved to Thailand. During our move, we wandered Europe going from Ireland to Paris and then to Southeast Asia. We didn’t go to Holland at that time, and if you asked me, then I would have argued that I hadn’t missed anything. I was wrong! One of my first international trips in my previous job was Holland to teach a class. The initial pictures shared today are the pre-class day we spent at old town, a recreated old Dutch village. I enjoyed the wildlife, canals, and windmills of the recreation. The other thing I noted while wandering the things to see was the nature of the green around me. Everything was a bright green!

P0000425We also had a couple of other fun trips we had taken before the class started. We wandered over to Maduro Dam (the lego recreation of Amsterdam. We also, with the entire class spent an evening on the Canal tours. I love taking the canal tours. I’ve been on them three times, as well as touring the Anne Frank house three times. The best thing about Amsterdam is the easy access to virtually any part of the city via the metro. It is one of the easiest, cleanest metros I’ve ever had the opportunity to use.

P0000422There are cities over the years that I have gone too many times. Some of them (Amsterdam, Sydney, Dublin, Copenhagen, Bangkok, London, Kuala Lumpur) are ones that I always want to see again! The thing about Amsterdam is that every time you go, you learn something new. It is a city that you feel safe wandering. People are friendly and willing to stop, figure out where you are going and help you get there.


Family Historian

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