Wander project Halloween 2004

IMG_5614It feels strange that a wander project can do two things, go back in time (2004) and go away from someplace where we are now (Maryland) to return to where the home was before (Greenwood). The Halcyon days of what was. Today we are wandering a presentation of a holiday. Halloween is an event for children throughout the United States and other countries. Called Halloween and then followed the next day by the All-Saints day holiday. Neither, by the way, is a US Government holiday, so no one gets off of work to participate and celebrate. But for many years the kids were engaged and involved.

IMG_56042004 was one of the first years that my mother didn’t make the boy’s Halloween costumes. She has an artistic ability that is amazing when it comes to taking fabric and turning it into something magical. For quite a few years she made costumes for all her grandchildren. A labor of love I am sure! This particular year though was the rise of the Power Ranger Generation. I am calling them that more tongue in cheek than anything but you get the idea. The boys had gone into the power ranger phase of childhood. They even dragged me to the movie when it came out earlier this year. All I can say is, it isn’t as bad as the Pokémon movie was.

Halloween is also a big holiday for my daughter and my wife. They both love dressing up (even now). I would stay at home back then with Fran and Gwen and pass out candy. Fran would come to the door to greet the many children that came (that weren’t afraid of dogs). Gwen would stand far away from the front door and glare at me, and the begging children that were taking food from her house. Fran was more of a people dog than Gwen ever was.


Family Historian, I am the only one in the house not wearing a costume. Someone has to pass out the treats!

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