Wander project another visit to the Indy Zoo!

DSCN0786Another day at the Indianapolis Zoo. As I said earlier when I shared the first blast of pictures, we spent a lot of time at the zoo. Season passes are nice. Across the parking lot from the Zoo was the Arboretum, we often went there as well. One year they had the most amazing butterfly display (actual living Butterflies). Parking at the Zoo is straight forward when you are pushing small kids in a stroller you care a lot about the ease of parking. When you have small kids that are walking on their own, you care about parking as well.

DSCN0790Oh yeah, another point for the Indy Zoo, the gift shop is right by the entrance, but unlike many museums, you don’t have to walk through the gift shop to see the exhibits. The word no is frequently used as you walk into an exhibit via the gift shop. I am all for souvenirs, but at some point how many stuffed Polar Bears does one child need? (my answer to that is ONE). I do like wandering through the gift shop, but it is a lot easier when the kids are tired. They tend towards cranky a little more, which makes saying no a lot easier. When they are well rested and can turn on the please eyes, it really can be hard to say no.

We were on a special tour of the zoo, which allowed us back into the private on-public area. The reason for the special trip isn’t relevant. The result is we got to see the baby elephant. I believe it was born in November the year before; this was roughly marched or April. I enjoyed both the care, concern and professionalism of the caretakers for the mother and baby. They were engaging, and it was cool to see a baby elephant. There is nothing like a day at the zoo!


A day with family

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