Wander project mother’s day, mother’s and images!

DSCN1602Once there was a time when I could travel 10 feet or less to help my mother celebrate Mother’s Day. Then there was a time it was a 10-20 minute trip for me to travel to see my mother on Mother’s Day. I could hop in a car and see mom fairly quickly. Then there was a time when there were two of us that came to celebrate mother’s day but thankfully the second of the two of us moved on and it was back to me. Then I got lucky and met another person and suddenly it wasn’t me, it was two other people and me coming to celebrate mother’s day.

DSCN1627Shortly after adding the two new people to the celebration the distance to travel to see mom on mother’s day increased as well. We were suddenly 3 hours away and would be for the next eight years. We also added three new people to come and celebrate mother’s day with mom. We moved back to Indiana and were only 45 minutes away. The pictures shared today are of a mother’s day from that period when we could hop in the car and be in Bloomington in less than 45 minutes to celebrate and share with mom. Sometimes there were 5 of us there; sometimes we were 6. Six slowly slipped to always being five though.

Then we moved again. We didn’t add any new family members to bring on mother’s day, but we were now 10.5 hours away. We called on the telephone and emailed, mailing birthday and mother’s day cards to mom. We didn’t get in the car and travel there anymore. A 20 hour trip for a short party didn’t seem worth it, and employers don’t often give long holiday weekends for Mother’s Day. Plus our mother’s day switched from my wife’s mother (we celebrated with her from 1991 to 2005 when she passed) to just my mom and of course the mother of our children my wife. We haven’t added new people until recently (My daughter’s boy friend). We also haven’t added any more distance. But celebrating mother’s day remains important to me!


Family Historian

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