Wander project Greenwood Indiana and Gymnastics.

MVC00003There were some activities that we did over the years that bring back fond memories. One of them was the early days when the boys were young. Right after we moved to Greenwood, my wife found out about a gymnastics group (I think my sister told her about it) near our house. We ended up signing up for the group, and the boys got to play on gymnastics equipment to the point that they were worn out.

MVC00023I think, over the years there are many times we looked for activities that wore the boys out. They were little balls of energy when they were younger. By balls of energy, I don’t mean they were active, more like they were solar powered and never turned off. All-day every single day they were going. The good thing was they did love going to the gymnastics place and jumping on trampolines. Or playing on the other gymnastics equipment.

We had the boys there for a couple of years. We transitioned from Gymnastics to Tai-Kwon-Do later, which was another activity that exhausted the boys. I only went to the gymnastics place with the boys and Jakki maybe two times. So there aren’t many pictures taken of the various activities. The ones here are the only ones I have that aren’t dumped into other folders (1 to 2 pictures) or from a picture disk (less than 24 pictures and never of one activity). Lot’s of fun to watch all three kids bounce around like maniacs!


Family Historian

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