Wander project Cincinnati Ohio

P0000206Our house in Mt. Airy a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio and the snow we had that year. It seems every time we buy a house, that area has its biggest snowfall in 10-20 years within three years of us moving in. We can claim that distinction in both Greenwood, Mt. Airy (the last place we lived in Cincinnati Ohio) and in Germantown Maryland.  Within that initial three years in all three cases, there was a record snowfall. I guess we bring the noise, the funk, and the snow!

P0000208One of the differences over the years is the amount of snow I was personally willing to move. There was a time; this Cincinnati storm is an example where I shoveled the entire driveway by hand. With each passing year, I was willing to shovel less and less. We have had a snow blower for the past 12 years. Last year, after the huge 2016 storm in DC (35 to 38 inches of snow) I got a new snow blower that could handle more snow. I don’t want to be outside in the cold shoveling for the house. Those days are now long past!

P0000073Inside the house, the kids were having a blast. We designed and built the house. The sad thing is we were only in the house we built for one year before moving to Greenwood Indiana. It was one of those things we needed to do to be closer to the family. It also continued our Cincinnati streak of losing money on a house we owned and were selling. Mt. Airy was also the second to the last house we did holiday decorations. We did them in Greenwood a few times after we moved in, but eventually, the kids were older and there was no need to share lights with the outside world!


Family Historian

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