Wander project Greenwood and a Bionicles Zoo

P1020082Today we are wandering in time, distance and imagination. Many years ago (the time) the boys (when we lived in Greenwood the distance) the boys loved having and playing with Lego Bionicles. At first, that meant that when we (my wife and I) or my mother and father bought the boys Bionicles, I had to put them together. Some of the most tedious days were spent following the exact directions to put them together. Hours spent trying to relax after being on the road all week putting together Lego creations.

IMG_9013Then one day Nick said I want to put it together. He started putting together the ones he had gotten from the store. Then he started putting together Luke’s as well. I was no longer involved in the process. I was happy not to be involved (it is not something I love doing) but also proud of Nick’s ability to follow the directions and put them together. He did so for about a year. One day he asked me if I wanted to see a new Bionicles that he had created.

The new Bionicles Nick was creating were amazing, so we began taking pictures of his creations and called it Nick’s Bionicles Zoo. The images shared today are from the Zoo. I’ve kept them all these years because well someday I hope to show them to his future spouse. You know, just to let that person know what Nick was like as a creative youngster. But also, because I am proud of the creations he came up with. They are very impressive.

I hope you enjoy Nick’s Bionicles Zoo!


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