Wander project today August 28, 2017

P8260027Today’s wander is one of irony and joy. First off, we love living in Maryland. We are so close to the ocean, (well the Bay is an hour away). It is wonderful both from a cooking and a quality of life perspective. Cooking wise we get fresh seafood. Even an average sushi place around here has good sushi. Plus the cost of fresh fish is lower than in Indiana, and it is 12-24 hours fresher. So we are thankful for the fish (or to quote one of my favorite books, Thanks for all the fish!)

P4280011The other thing is our kids are growing up. When we moved here, the boys were entering middle school, and Jakki was entering college. Now, starting this morning the three of them for the first time (and only for one semester) are attending the same school. They are also taking one class together. A nice idea by an older sister to take care of her shy, younger brothers. I cannot imagine what the next few years are going to be like. Three kids in college at the same time is an interesting reality.

We live in the nexus of news for the US now as well, so local news is national news. Funny how that changed when we moved here. Lately, I find myself wondering where the good news is. Then we get on the boat, and I don’t worry about perceived news anymore. The lesson I have learned is to do the best you can do. No one can guarantee that what you seek is possible. You have to make it possible and that journey is what we call life!


wonder and joy of family histories

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